They claim to know the unknown, draw interpretations out of any flying object out there in the sky, discover loopholes in business operation systems- these are definitely not our day to day desk jobs and are in fact beyond our ambitions as they are not gauged successfully in our imaginations either!

That’s right; these are some of really unusual jobs that gain a lot of attention and are great when it comes to payment as well.

Scary, weird, adventurous, no matter what; these are definitely worth a read!

1. There are some who claim to be aware of the future and accordingly help people in making amends and modifications in their decision making.

They’d be the Psychics!

pinhopes - psychics

Definitely the kind of people we would go to for financial, emotional and personal reassurance during tough stages in life.

2. Ever wondered why your furry little friend goes gaga over pedigree? The credit goes to a human being who does the “not so nasty” job.

pinhopes - pet food eaters

We have Pet Food Tasters who comment on the texture and quality of pet food, which ensures that your pet has a lovely time eating its fodder.

pinhopes - ufo3. One of the many things that still fetches a lot of

attention are Unidentified Flying Objects or popularly known as UFOs.

For years now, the Men in Blacks and Mulder and Scully from X-files have portrayed how cool this job can be. As a matter of fact, Ufologists do exist, who earn their bread by researching on UFOs.

However, the “coolness” of the job is yet to be commented on.



4. Movies like The Exorcism of Emily Rose have been successfully in giving spine chills. As a matter of fact we do have some real life practitioners of this art who practice exorcism.

They are called the Exorcists.




5. Donald duck is better known for the unique and hilarious voice he had than the funny duck character he portrayed. All thanks to the Voice artist!

pinhopes - voice

Have any of the above as your passion? Too scared to turn them into profession?

Think again. There are people out there who are already living their dreams!