Choosing a career is easy but to be sure of its existence in future is pretty difficult. If you look decades back from now, you must have noticed a number of careers that existed but have become obsolete now. However, there are certain careers that are likely to exist in coming years regardless of economic situation or changing business requirements. If you are cautious and would like to play safe on the career front, choose a path that has a higher chance of being around in future. Here are few evergreen career options for you:

never obsolete jobs


No matter where you live, what you eat and follow, you will need healthcare services. With increasing environmental pollution, a number of new and critical diseases have come into existence. At present, the doctor and patients ratio is 1:1,700 which will definitely be higher in future. Chances are there will be no shortage of jobs in this sector. These are few of the jobs in the healthcare sector: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, nutritionists, among others.


Whether you are a college student, a professional or even an expert in any field, you will need to continue learning every day. Gathering knowledge is a life-long process, and it doesn’t have an end point. With changing times, modes of educational institutions have evolved and became popular e.g. online universities, real-time classes etc. And over the years, need for specialized education has increased. Specialized education helps students to land a job faster. Career in the educational field is one of the most demanded careers that have never ceased to exist and flourish. If you choose your career in the educational field, you could be a teacher, professor, consultant, university instructor, video lecturer etc.

Law Enforcement

With growing security threats from extremists, criminals and anti-social groups, people from all walks of life need protection. Every nation, city, town, village and places of importance, requires security personnel to maintain law and order. Jobs under the law enforcement sector include – police, surveillance officer, security officer, army etc.

Food Industry

We need food to stay alive and in no period in the history of mankind could this industry become a thing of the past. Whatever maybe the economic situation of a nation, this industry is not likely to be shut down. Jobs in this industry include chefs, waiters, butlers etc.

Advertising, Marketing & Sales

Advertising, Marketing & Sales plays a critical role in the success of any business. And as long as businesses exist, the requirement for such services will always be there. If you happen to be in any of these sectors, you are less likely to be without work even in the future.


Computers are an indispensable part of any organization. One cannot imagine of running an organization without a computer. Almost all the works are now done in computers hence there will be huge opportunities in future for computer professionals such as administrator, networking, operator and IT security analyst.

It’s true that no one can predict what would be trending careers in future. But if you want to remain sure of your career even in the coming years, you could opt for any of the suggested above.