There are pros and cons of being a good manager. Not to mention obvious advantages like hike on pay, status, recognition etc.  Managing each and everyone in the team to suit business goals is a tough challenge that comes as a byproduct of promotion or being a good manager.

The fingers in our hand do not measure the same. Similarly not all employees in the company/team will have the same level of talent, experience, skills and capabilities. This, instead, makes the team richer and more fun to deal with. Every person in the team will have their separate skills and it undoubtedly would require a good and talented manager to discover those dormant individual skill sets. Employees who have potential to grow but deny excelling on their average skill sets and delivering before time in spite of capacity to do the same indicates a problem needing an immediate remedy.

pinhopes - average employee

Following are certain tips that could be used to utilize the employees to the fullest:

1. Knowledge of their goal in life:

Not everyone has the same goal in life. It would not be new to find one of the employees performing at his best to become the CEO of the company and the other meeting deadlines just to save up for a future business he has planned on opening. Bottom line is that being a manager, it is a crucial part of the job to recognize the goals of the employees and knowing what matters to them. This helps in knowing their boundaries, ways in which they can be motivated. In fact, respecting their boundaries can transform their experience of work altogether.

2. What do they expect?

Many a times, employees are unable to voice their opinions. Job dissatisfaction is a very strong demotivating factor and creates attrition in a company. In order to avoid such issues, it is important to have knowledge of the employee’s motivation. It might be salary related or organizational climate related. Both are equally important.

3. Areas to be worked upon and incentives:

Nothing is better than appreciating employees for each and everything that they do. It is advisable to reinforce good deeds and subtly put across the areas in which they will have to improve and work. An incentive as simple as a smile and a nod of appreciation could do wonders.

Finally, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that companies have a normal distribution of talent. Not everyone would be excellent workers and having all excellent performers as a target is an improbable solution. Instead, managing the present lot is indeed a good idea and proves that the manager is indeed a good and capable one!