Hiring the right employee is the key to business success. Organizations spend huge amount of time in looking, connecting and bringing on-board the right kind of talent. Losing and replacing an existing employee may cost companies both time and money. It is better that you identify these few early warning signs of an employee planning to quit.

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Lack of enthusiasm

Soon to become ex-employees stop suggesting innovative ideas and make constructive contributions toward any projects. They become disinterested about any new project or work improvement plans.

Non-participatory stance

Employees who are about to quit often become less interested in what is happening around him at workplace. If he takes non-participatory stance in team activities, short and long-term team improvement plans, it’s a warning sign that he is planning to quit.

Frequent leaves

Job hunting requires going for interviews. If an employee starts frequently staying away from work on personal account or sickness, then this could be another important sign that he is looking to exit.

Dressing well

Employees generally dress well at workplace but if you notice a marked shift in their dressing style. This can be another huge indication that the employee is trying to impress new bosses.

Stopped complaining

When a team member who was always complaining about one or the other thing e.g. salary, marketing strategies etc. suddenly stops complaining, be prepared to take the upcoming news of his plan to quit.

Always on the phone

Scheduling or discussion for an interview requires some private space and if an employee starts walking out of the workstation to attend phone calls. Chances are that the employee is looking out for a job.

Staying aware of early warning signs of employees about to quit, helps managers to address retention issues or start looking for a replacement. If you notice any five of the above traits in your current employees, you can have a frank discussion to address their concerns at work.

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common interview mistakesAn interview can be your game-changing opportunity where you can sell yourself effectively to hiring managers and land your dream job. But interviews are nerve-racking experiences even for experienced candidates. And if you are on your way looking out for a new position, it’s important that you avoid common interview mistakes that job seekers often commit:


Inappropriate attire

Your dressing sense says a lot about your personality. And when you go for an interview, it is imperative that you look polished and professional. Formal attire suits best for an occasion like interview – it gives you a cool and collected look.

Not doing research on the company

When you go for an interview without doing proper research on the company, you lose the chance to have a well-informed discussion with the interviewer. Knowing your potential employer’s domain, products and services, will help you to get better understanding of the company and the job role.

Unprepared answers & questions

No two job interviews are the same but you must prepare yourself for few most frequently asked questions like ‘Tell me something about yourself?’ ‘What are your strengths and weakness?’, ‘Why should we hire you?’ and more. Often candidates babble while answering these common questions. Answering to the interviewer’s questions is not enough, you should also ask few important questions about the company e.g. market position, company culture and management style. This shows your level of interest in the company.


Hiring managers are experts in understanding human behaviors and they are most likely to catch you, if you are lying about something. In an interview, if you happen to drift to a topic which you are clueless about, it’s always better to acknowledge your lack of knowledge rather than babbling something incorrect. Remember, covering anything with lie will not help you in the long run.

Saying too much/little

Saying too much or too little can have negative impact on your interview. If you give too many details, the interviewer may lose the string of discussion and interest. On the other hand, if you give brief information, he may become suspicious that you are hiding something.

Asking about wages too early

Well, wages is one of the few important factors that led job seekers search for a new position. However, it doesn’t mean that you should be asking about salary when the time isn’t right. Bring up your salary concerns only when the interviewer asks you about your expected wages.

Failing to listen to the interviewer

Succeeding in an interview depends a lot on your ability to listen, understand and respond appropriately to what the interviewer is saying. If you are too busy forming your responses then you may miss out critical information given by the interviewer, regarding the opening or company.

Landing to the next role is not always easy. Follow the above tips and practice your interview in advance, you will definitely increase your chances of landing your next job sooner than you thought of.


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Choosing a career is easy but to be sure of its existence in future is pretty difficult. If you look decades back from now, you must have noticed a number of careers that existed but have become obsolete now. However, there are certain careers that are likely to exist in coming years regardless of economic situation or changing business requirements. If you are cautious and would like to play safe on the career front, choose a path that has a higher chance of being around in future. Here are few evergreen career options for you:

never obsolete jobs


No matter where you live, what you eat and follow, you will need healthcare services. With increasing environmental pollution, a number of new and critical diseases have come into existence. At present, the doctor and patients ratio is 1:1,700 which will definitely be higher in future. Chances are there will be no shortage of jobs in this sector. These are few of the jobs in the healthcare sector: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, nutritionists, among others.


Whether you are a college student, a professional or even an expert in any field, you will need to continue learning every day. Gathering knowledge is a life-long process, and it doesn’t have an end point. With changing times, modes of educational institutions have evolved and became popular e.g. online universities, real-time classes etc. And over the years, need for specialized education has increased. Specialized education helps students to land a job faster. Career in the educational field is one of the most demanded careers that have never ceased to exist and flourish. If you choose your career in the educational field, you could be a teacher, professor, consultant, university instructor, video lecturer etc.

Law Enforcement

With growing security threats from extremists, criminals and anti-social groups, people from all walks of life need protection. Every nation, city, town, village and places of importance, requires security personnel to maintain law and order. Jobs under the law enforcement sector include – police, surveillance officer, security officer, army etc.

Food Industry

We need food to stay alive and in no period in the history of mankind could this industry become a thing of the past. Whatever maybe the economic situation of a nation, this industry is not likely to be shut down. Jobs in this industry include chefs, waiters, butlers etc.

Advertising, Marketing & Sales

Advertising, Marketing & Sales plays a critical role in the success of any business. And as long as businesses exist, the requirement for such services will always be there. If you happen to be in any of these sectors, you are less likely to be without work even in the future.


Computers are an indispensable part of any organization. One cannot imagine of running an organization without a computer. Almost all the works are now done in computers hence there will be huge opportunities in future for computer professionals such as administrator, networking, operator and IT security analyst.

It’s true that no one can predict what would be trending careers in future. But if you want to remain sure of your career even in the coming years, you could opt for any of the suggested above.

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Sometimes writing one’s own resume can be tedious and frustrating. Oftentimes, to create professional resume job seekers follow common formats & styles and end up with a boring resume. Undoubtedly, your resume plays a critical role in grabbing potential employers’ attention. Employers on an average get 72 resumes for a single job post and spend approximately 6 seconds on each resume. Your task is to make your profile interesting enough to hold employers’ attention. Here are few tips that can help you stand out above the rest by creating an interesting resume:

24th june - resume

Ditch your outdated career objective

Your career objective is one of the most important information in your resume that can make right impressions on potential employers. To enhance your chances as a potential candidate, avoid committing common mistake like using adjectives such as ‘dynamic’, ’unique’, ‘passionate’ and ‘innovative’. Rather your objective should be more aligned with the job opening’s skill requirements, the organization’s overall goals and reason why you consider yourself a perfect match for the role.

Show rather than telling your professional story

Instead of giving detailed career information like what were your job descriptions, what you did on a daily basis, in your resume. It’s better to show potential employers what challenges you faced at work and how you tackled them? Giving real work situations and specifically how you had resolved work-related issues, give employers the ability to gauge how efficient you are at dealing and solving critical problems at work.

Don’t miss out on important keywords

Including right keywords is the key to be considered for a job opening by potential employers. Use relevant domain and profile related keywords and get noticed by prospective employers quickly.

Your resume is the first gateway through which you can stand out from the crowd. Ensure to make your resume interesting, to get an edge over other applicants and attract employers’ attention successfully.

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Going for an interview is like going for a first date. You want to look and behave your best at your first date/interview, to grab your potential date/employer’s attention. Like in a date so in an interview, you get only one chance to create an impeccable first impression, to prove why you are the perfect match for the job. Interestingly, tips that work successfully in the dating world can be applied in an interview, to get great results.Here are few tips from the dating world which can improve your chances of qualifying for the next round of interview and hopefully help you land your dream job:

Do research – Show interest in your date

pinhopesBe prepared before you land up for the interview like you would do before going out on a date. Learn about the company, industry it deals in, products or services, missions, goals and competitors, to show you are interested in working with them. When you show interest in the company’s values, missions, and goals genuinely, your chances of being considered as a potential candidate become higher.

Pay attention to your personal grooming

You definitely would like to look great on your first date, without trying to look too flashy. Same for an interview, you need to take care of your personal hygiene to look well-groomed and decent. Wear formal clothing and accessories, which are appropriate for work environment.

Be on time – Respect your date’s time

As on a first date, reaching on time is important while attending an interview as well. An interview is your first opportunity, to make a good impression before  your potential employer. So better be on time. If necessary, plan well ahead to reach on time and if you need to cancel or reschedule an interview, inform the employer at least a day in advance.

Think positive and be confident – Impress your date

Like your date, a company too loves a person with positive attitude and great confidence. The key to winning your potential employer’s attention is through your confidence and can-do positive attitude.

Avoid saying anything negative about your Ex

When asked about your past experiences in previous company, you may be tempted to criticize your ex-employer or colleagues. But it’s always better to refrain from saying anything unimpressive about your former employer or others. If you vent out negative comments about your previous employer, the interviewer may view you as unfit for the job.

Don’t pressurize yourself – This is not the end of the world

Even if you like the job profile or think the company is amazing, don’t pressurize yourself too much. As it can make you more nervous and affect your performance at the interview. Remember, this is not your only or last chance to land a job; there are hundreds of companies and job openings out there.

Like in dating, when you are serious about your date and willing to take the relationship forward, you want to show your best self. Similarly, if you are serious about landing your dream job, you need to create an impressive first impression of yourself before the potential employer, to go to the next round of interview.

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A company’s biggest asset is its ’employees’. Without them, a company cannot grow, thrive and expand in new frontiers. Employees with intelligence, confidence, drive and integrity can take a company to new heights and help garner greater business success. Smart employees are generally driven by innovative thinking and result-oriented actions that creates business values for an organization. Here are few benefits of hiring smart people:


Delivers more than their job descriptions:

Smart employees seldom limit themselves within the boundaries of their job descriptions. They believe in performing additional tasks to their current role and are always ready to take up new responsibilities. They realize their most important job is to contribute towards the expansion of the organization.

Requires little supervision:

Smart people often needs very little supervision and tend to learn new ideas and concepts quickly. This helps managers to train them about the project and workflow processes, in less time. They understand their role in the project well and do their work efficiently, helping managers to check their work in no time.

Efficient & proactive – Creates business values:

Smart people often prove to be self-driven, efficient and proactive employees in their work environment. They actively find solutions or innovate ways to deal with workflow processes and challenges. They plan & work strategically and achieve more in less time, creating business values.

Aligned with the company’s overall goals & visions:

An organization thrives on the path of success when its employees are well aligned with the company’s goals and visions. Employees who are a perfect ‘cultural fit’ for an organization, helps to boost work by creating positive team environment hence delivering business excellence.

Challenges existing rules and drives excellence:

When an employee questions the way something is done and offers better recommendations, the company benefits. Employees with problem solving and analytical bent of mind, often encourage people around them to perform better which drives excellence and brings enhanced results.

Hiring smart intelligent people strengthen an organization’s business values and performance. Do you want to see your organization joining the big league? Then hire self-driven, innovative and result-oriented candidates.

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Reaching your work goals may look like a daunting task at first. With careful planning and implementation of right strategies, you can step up the career ladder quicker than you thought of. Here are few tips on how to get promoted at work quickly:

Pinhopes - Career Ladder

Continue learning

Learning is a lifelong process. To grow in your career, it is imperative that you keep accumulating knowledge across industries’ trends, challenges and insights. Staying updated about your domain knowledge enables you to tackle challenges at work more efficiently and higher your chances of getting noticed by employers.

Lead when required

To take charge in a work environment doesn’t always require you to be in a top position. You can assume a leadership role when circumstances demands at workplace. Exhibit your leadership skills while solving a critical problem at work by effectively communicating, motivating and working in coordination with other team members. Also start taking responsibilities a level in advance to show that you are ready for the next role.

Give your best

When you give your best in your work, you stay visible for your passion and performance. If you want to add more value to your work, then go the extra miles by introducing innovative ideas and smarter ways, to deliver greater results. By contributing more towards the improvement of your organization, you stand better chance of being recognized and promoted to the next level.

Ask Questions

Asking right question is an attractive trait which organizations love to see in their employees. When you ask appropriate questions at the right time, you show your willingness to learn new things and confidence to express your ignorance about something.

Work towards company goals

Employees, who are more aligned with the organization’s long-term goals & dreams and works towards fulfilling them, grow quicker than others. Build your plans and innovative strategies at work in alignment with your company’s visions and future goals, to become an indispensable resource for the organization.

If you are serious about taking your career in the upward curve faster, the tips could be very helpful in achieving your career goals.

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Multitasking often gives us the feeling of being productive, doing numerous things at once. But does it really works? Studies revealed multitasking can actually result in losing 20-30% of your productive time. The simple reason, why multitasking doesn’t work? Because our brain cannot focus on multiple things at one time. Given below are a few negative effects of multitasking:

Pinhopes - Multitasking

Slows you down:

Contrary to popular belief, switching between tasks doesn’t save time rather it slows you down. Different task requires different mindsets and when you jump from one task to another, you fail to give 100% focus on any of the tasks. As a result, you complete lesser amount of work.

You make more mistakes:

When you work on different tasks at the same time, you tend to err more which reduces your productivity by up to 40%. The human brain is likely to deliver best when it works on a single task. To a certain extent, it can deliver decent performance up to two tasks. However, if the number of task exceeds more than two, chances of committing mistakes increase by three times.

Stresses you out:

Working on a number of critical tasks simultaneously demands greater efficiency failing which can stress you out. It is not the physical efforts you are pumping in to complete multiple tasks that put high level of stress on you but the end results if not good enough. In the long run, piling up of stress can affect your health adversely.

Affects your memory:

When you keep switching between tasks, you can suffer from short term memory loss. A study found as we grow older our memory becomes weak and jumping from one task to another makes it hard to remember things clearly.

If you want to increase your productivity at work, try working in batches rather than multitasking. It can help you to work more efficiently, do fewer mistakes and achieve more.

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Pinhopes - ModiThe sweeping victory of National Democratic Alliance led by Bharatiya Janata Party in the 2014 Lok Sabha election has set the right financial sentiment in India. With Mr. Modi’s core policy focus on development and economic growth, the country is likely to draw more foreign investments, curb inflation, and spur economic activities in different industries, thus creating higher number of jobs. Looking into the positive growth prospects, experts are expecting higher growth in the job market, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

According to a leading HR consultancy firm, the Indian job market will grow at least by 30% under Mr. Modi’s rule and up to 15-20 million jobs are likely to be created. Manufacturing and infrastructure are the two sectors that are likely to have maximum job growth, creating up to 30-40 million jobs in the next decade. Other sectors where hiring will increase are banking, tourism, healthcare and IT. HR Analysts also predicted uncertainty in the retail sector, since the new dispensation has not yet made it clear about its stance on FDI in multi-brand retail segment.

The verdict of 2014 Lok Sabha election has put Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs raising hopes among investors, economists, investors and experts alike. With Narendra Modi designated as the 15th PM of India, the nation in general is optimistic about policy changes for overall economic growth and immense employment opportunities.

And if you are a job seeker looking for a change in your career, this year could be a year of great opportunities for you. Make your move and land your dream job while the job market is booming.


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Traditional job search method is tedious, time-consuming and obsolete, often delivering insignificant results. Existing online job portals requires you to fill long forms, search for suitable job postings in an irrelevant database, offers limited option to stand out, low privacy and lacks multiple job application option. Now with Pinhopes, you can search for jobs seamlessly on a simpler, swifter and secure online recruitment portal.

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Register within 30 Seconds – No More Long Forms to Fill:

Get registered within 30 seconds and minimize your efforts with our simplified registration process. Register with a resume in few simple steps, and you are ready to apply for jobs.

Relevant Job Search Results – Say Goodbye to Irrelevant Database:

Now you don’t have to spend inordinate amount of time searching for suitable jobs in an irrelevant database getting few relevant results. With our advanced filters and built-in search intelligence, you get only relevant to exact job search results. Thus, getting exactly what you have been looking for in less time and effort.

1-Min USP Video + LinkedIn Profile – Stop Counting on CV to Stand Out:

With increasing use of new media in recruitment, you need more than a resume to showcase your personal brand and stand out from your competitors. Regular CVs alone are not enough to convince potential employers why you should be chosen for a job. Let your 1-min unique self-promoting video and LinkedIn profile do the personal branding for you and help you get noticed by employers.

Apply Multiple Jobs at Once – Why Waste Time?:

Existing online hiring portals make applying multiple jobs a chore. With Pinhopes, you can favorite any number of jobs and apply together, saving time and efforts.

Secure and Complete Privacy:

Often online recruitment portals compromise candidates’ privacy by selling their details to third parties. Also candidate’s job search activities are not kept private from their current employer. At Pinhopes, we take privacy very seriously. We don’t share or sell your profile details to any third-party. With us your profile is completely secure and kept private from employers to whom you have not applied for a job.

Pinhopes has simplified job search efforts for candidates with innovative features, helping them to land their dream job faster.


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