Today, employers are seeking for more than a resume to check a candidate’s suitability for a job opening. Boost your chances of getting noticed with a 1-min USP video application at Pinhopes. So, give it your best shot while recording your 1-min USP video, as it is the key to attracting potential employers’ attention. Here are few tips to record your video and stand out in the crowd:

Dress Smart and be Presentable: 

Dress professionally as you would do while meeting an interviewer in person. Whether you shoot the video at your home or a studio, make sure you present yourself in a professional get up. Carry a presentable look when you record the video job application.

Manage your Surrounding:

Ensure your surrounding is in perfect order before you start shooting your video application. Keep your surrounding clean with no fancy/odd posters; ensure good lighting so the interviewer can see you clearly, no distractions like someone talking in the background, a call or a notification that keep buzzing on your cell phone. Most importantly, check well ahead if your system is working fine as you only get one shot at the interview!

Look Straight and Speak Clearly:

Maintain a calm demeanor and look straight into the camera as if you were right before an interviewer. Hold your poise throughout the recording period till the end of the interview. Say what you have to say clearly, crisply & to the point. Avoid using fillers like ‘um’s’ and ‘like’s’.


As the saying goes, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Rehearse your lines before the webcam till you are comfortable to deliver well in front of the camera.

With our 1-min USP video application option, candidates get an advantage of standing out among a host of applicants and make a positive impression with potential employers.


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Employers often find it very difficult to close senior level positions through traditional job portals due to unavailability of suitable profiles. Why is it so when hundreds of experienced job seekers are looking for a shift in their career? Senior professionals in general are very particular about their profile privacy. So instead of the existing HR platforms, they prefer an alternative which can give them all the benefits of a regular portal, plus 100% privacy and highly relevant jobs. Following are the reasons why these top-notch candidates rely on for hunting their next job:

Privacy Matters: Most of the seasoned professionals are reluctant to search for jobs on regular HR portals. Why? They don’t like to put themselves up for sale on job boards where every organization can check their profile and job search activities. Whereas on Pinhopes, their profile remains private, limiting access only to employers to whom they have applied for a job.

Unsolicited Calls: Existing online recruitment portals are based on database search model which stores candidates’ profiles. Often these senior professionals become the target of recruiters and marketing executives, who either calls for irrelevant jobs or for marketing purposes. Putting an end to all these calling fuss, Pinhopes delivers top-notched professionals – a peaceful job search experience, where they get only relevant job calls.

Job Search with Human Relevance: High-caliber professionals need to be handled with tact and needs more than just job search matches, to enable them to connect with the right jobs swiftly. At Pinhopes, our intelligent search and drop-down filters provides seasoned professionals relevant job matches. Plus, our HR executives intimate them via calls, when a matching job opening is available.

This is why employers prefer niche online recruitment destination like, to find, connect and fill top positions Simply & Swiftly!

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You have cracked all the stages of the interview with flying colors. Now the company has called you for the final round – the salary negotiation round. How do you ensure that you get a good pay package without bowing out of the race for the job?

Here are some cool tips that will help you out:



Research, Research and Research

Find out the current industry average salary for the position you are going to be hired. Next, find out the size of the company and try to analyze how much they would be willing to pay. The more information you are able to gather – the more accurately you will be able to set your CTC realistically.



Highlight Your Value

It’s very important to make a professional assessment of your worth. The skill set, experience and the edge that you will be bringing to the company, when they hire you. Do a detailed study of the company and assess what you can offer them. You must be able to present positively how you can contribute meaningfully to your new employer. Always remember, companies are ready to pay handsomely if you can make a tangible impact. Focus on this aspect.

Leverage the Classical Position of Power

It is always a good idea to apply for different companies and secure multiple offers, especially if the job market is bullish. This will automatically put you in a position to negotiate better. Needless to say, when your employer sees that you are already in good demand, they will be more willing to pay the price set by you. Just bring this point subtly so that you don’t come across as someone who is bragging.

Always be Sincere

Don’t try hard to come across or project yourself as a smart candidate. Rather, let yourself come as a sincere candidate who means business. Highlight your achievements in the last job, and quantify your contribution – whether it is increased productivity or cost saving using numbers. Let your employer know that you have done your homework well and you know your worth.

Be Flexible

It happened seldom in job market that you quote a CTC and the company honors it. So always be ready for compromises. Unless you are absolutely sure that you won’t budge from your set CTC – always be ready to take a 5% cut. In case, if the company is quoting something much lower, try to explain rationally why you deserve the CTC you have quoted.

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In this age of e-hiring, employers are increasingly shifting from traditional to highly dynamic medium of recruitment. With the emergence of social media, employers are looking for more insights into a candidate’s personality, leadership qualities, creativity and hobbies, to check whether a candidate is a cultural fit for the organization, has matching skill sets and right attitude. With the regular resume, job seekers are finding it hard to stand out from competitors. Check how few candidates have leveraged the power of social media and new-age recruitment portal, to land their dream job faster.

Interesting CVs

Your CV gets 6 seconds of attention span from a recruiter. Make sure you put in some amount of creativity to stand out from a ton of other CVs. Infuse some eye-catching design or info graphics elements in your CV to showcase you creative side and get noticed by potential employers. Your CV is your launch pad to land your dream job, so put some thoughts, imagination and passion while creating it.

Social Media

Today, employers are searching and reviewing candidate profiles through social media channels. It’s imperative to have a positive personal brand on social platforms that portrays your individuality and highlights your plus points. Share few of your remarkable professional and personal achievements e.g. a Spot Award for Delivering Quality Services or your involvement with an NGO, on social sites to add more value to your personal brand. Now at, you can search and apply for jobs seamlessly using your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn login credentials, even without registering.


Blogging is one of the most powerful tools and effective way to establish your credibility and build your personal brand online. It gives you the platform to express your thoughts and opinions on topics that interest you. Blogging helps you to establish as a thought leader and build up your credibility online. Share your experiences of few interesting events which you organized or been a part of, to bring out interesting facets of your personality.

Video Resume

Job application through the regular resume is far from enough to portray your talents in the best light. So, you need more than a resume to stand out from other applicants and get shortlisted faster. To address this job search issue, has introduced video resume allowing candidates to showcase their personality and soft skills in a 1-min unique self-promoting video, giving an edge over other applicants. Using video resume has helped candidates land their dream job 2x times faster.

To enable candidates cope with the limitations of regular CVs, has introduced video resume to stand out and help grab employers’ attention. Integrated with popular social sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, job seekers now can showcase their personal brand and search & apply for jobs at, even without registration.



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pinhopes commercial launch

We’re Launching Pinhopes, the New-age Online Hiring Destination Today

Smartrplanet Services India Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of Pinhopes, a new-age recruitment platform that helps Job Seekers find their dream jobs and Employers hire top talents 3x times faster! With the aim to simplify online hiring process, Pinhopes comes with latest technology and innovative features to deliver quality and quick job or talent search experience to both job seekers and employers.

Job seekers are tired of applying jobs through the traditional online HR platforms which require filling long forms, searching for jobs in an irrelevant database, limited medium to put a spotlight on their CV and a chance to stand out from a crowd of applicants. Employers are equally frustrated spending huge amount of time & money to find the right talents and limited branding avenues.

To address these online hiring challenges, Pinhopes introduces – video technology, inbuilt search engine and integrated with social sites, to deliver quality job search and hiring experience.

Benefits for Job Seekers:

With features like advanced filters and unique card layout, job seekers can find relevant job results and view multiple jobs listing at a glance, saving a lot of time. Keeping up with changing user trends and marketplace demands, Pinhopes enables a job seeker to record and upload a 1 min unique self-promoting (USP) video application along with their CV and LinkedIn profile, to stand out and get an edge over other applicants, before a potential employer. Candidate lands a job 2x times faster on Pinhopes as compared to regular HR portals.

Advantages for Employers:

Through Pinhopes employers are now able to recruit 3x times faster. Our intelligent inbuilt search bubbles up best candidates at top listing based on multiple parameters, reducing time to sift through profiles for employers. With the introduction of 1 min USP video profile and video questionnaire, employers can review a candidate’s soft skills, matching skill sets and suitability for a job, before actually meeting in person. Video application and interview of candidates, enables employers to zero-in on the most suitable candidates for a job. At Pinhopes, employers get multiple avenues to showcase their brand which help them to attract best talents. Our ‘Pay as you Post’ model is cost driven, allowing you to pay only for the jobs which you have posted.

As per economic forecasts, the job market looks promising in the coming years and Pinhopes is all set to deliver a simple & swift online hiring experience.

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