Pinhopes - Employee RetentionOne of the biggest challenges for any corporate in today’s market is retaining talent. Globalization, multiple startups, and a number of job offers at hand, Employers become very vulnerable to high attrition. One or more effective reasons of job dissatisfaction could create a permanent vacancy in the organization, and eventually problems surface.

There are no hard and fast rules that convey or assure 100% retention of employees. However, following are some tips that can be followed, which will definitely inhibit increasing rates of attrition in your organization:

1. Thorough research of the salary level: It would be rather foolish to offer a low package to someone and expect high talent out of the employee. Even if such a candidate joins on a low package it could be on a temporary basis and the candidate is likely to leave as soon as he finds a better opportunity. In case a financial reward cannot be provided, some other non-monetary benefits could be offered to keep the candidate motivated.

2. Training front line supervisors: It is critical to have a good Manager-Employee relationship as it affects employee job satisfaction. Hence, it becomes very important to train managers with supervisory and people management skills.

3. Well defined roles and responsibilities: Ambiguous job roles enhance the rate of attrition.

4. Growth plans: It is important to share future growth plans with workers as this keeps them motivated in the long run.

5. Employee satisfaction survey/interview: The best way to keep an eye on employee happiness and satisfaction is by conducting satisfaction surveys or interviews so that grievances can be constantly tackled.

6. Foster an environment of teamwork: It takes effort to build an effective team, but the outcome is greater productivity, better use of resources, improved customer service and increased morale.


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Even the most scientific methodology, a long drawn out search for the best talent or a huge pile of resumes, wouldn’t ensure the right hiring decision. Recruiters juggle between editing job descriptions, posting jobs, scheduling interviews, and a lot more. It, therefore, becomes a challenge to focus on hiring the right talent in the long run.

Pinhopes - Hiring

Following are few points that can be focused upon while hiring, in order to simplify the whole process and getting the best talent on board:

1. Top desirable skills in a candidate. When a job description is drafted, focusing on the top 3 critical areas is advisable rather than concentrating on all of them. This will help narrow down on a few number of candidates, those who deserve to get shortlisted.

2. Top reasons why someone would want to be hired to the position. The motivation that lasts more is position specific rather than company specific. As a result, before advertising the company, it is important to advertise the nature of job opening being offered and accordingly shortlist candidates who are fine with the profile.

3. Top reasons why someone would want to join the organization. The only way to have an employer brand is indeed by being a great place to work! Some companies need not look beyond their logo. Google is one such company and this happens because Google has been one of the top innovators and also one of the key trendsetters, enhancing their brand, visibility and demand among candidates. No wonder they get the best talent from all over the world.

Focusing on these three areas when making any decisions involving talent acquisition will result in improvements in the quality of shortlisted resumes. Go ahead and make a wiser decision!

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It is not just about mentioning deadlines to the teammates and tasking them with work, but being a manager includes wider range of activities like motivating employees, leading all of them towards a similar goal,  or addressing a large group of people looking up to you for answers. The list goes on. Moving up the ladder is not as easy as it seems. Along with the accolades and the pride comes the effort and turmoil. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “With freedom, comes responsibility.” Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep in mind the hurdles and at the same time be enterprising and highly efficient in handling the tasks. Following are some tips that could be helpful for a newly promoted manager:

pinhopes - good manager

1. Meeting new goals with already available resource. It is always advisable to identify your own abilities and weaknesses. These can then be matched with your new goals to help bridge the gap with required abilities.

2. Be in good terms with team. It is very important to remember that your strength is your team and it is they who make you the manager. As a result, it is very crucial to maintain a good relationship with your team. One way of doing it is by making yourself available to them so that you come across as a friendly and approachable manager.

3. Appreciate them time to time. Your employees must have knowledge about when they are performing well and when they are not. Hence it is advisable to appreciate their good performance as and when time allows, simultaneously pin point on the fields they lack in. This helps them with their future performance. It would be pertinent to remember that their weaknesses be pointed out only in private.

4. Delegate work. This needs to be done keeping in mind your employees’ expertise. Having a good interpersonal relationship with your employees would enhance your ability to delegate.

5. Encourage creativity. It is a must to encourage thinking and brainstorming amongst employees. Giving them ownership helps them explore their abilities and overcome boundaries.

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Employment engagement has become one of the most important factors for achieving overall success for an organization. In this dynamic economic environment, business heads understand the importance of high-performing employees for success and expansion. They know highly-engaged workers bring innovative ideas to the table, increase productivity and bottom-line performance, while lowering overall costs of resource hiring & retention of an organization. If your organization lacks in employee engagement here are few tips that can help to improve.


Engaged Leaders

To drive employment engagement, leaders must first demonstrate the spirit of engagement through their actions. Top leaderships behavior at a workplace influences a company’s culture and employees immensely. Senior leaders must demonstrate highly-engaged company culture spirit by exhibiting the company’s values.

Robust Communication

Industry leaders understand the critical role of communication in creating successful employment engagement at an organization. So they plan out effective communication plan that are transparent, which built trust among employees and increases employment engagement.

Encouraging Work Culture

Research says employees tend to perform better in a motivated work environment. Leaders alone cannot keep the employees motivated for long. They must create a motivational work culture with engaged workforce where employees can motivate each other to drive at innovation and deliver best business results.

Employees Involvement

Employee engagement can be enhanced by involving employees in creating new rules and organizational decisions, by taking their opinions and feedback. Getting your employees involved in business decisions can help your organization get great business insights.

Review & Reward Employee Progress

Employees like an organization want to work in a happening workplace. And they need to know where they are heading in their career ladder from time to time. As an organization, you will need to build a level of employment engagement where your resources are rewarded for their smart efforts, which help your business perform better. Rewarding your employees through recognizing their hard work can help improve your employment engagement a lot better.


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In the month of May, 2014, a very interesting survey ‘Recruitment Barriers’ was conducted by and its findings indicate common hiring barriers faced by recruiters. A total of 272 recruiters all over India have taken up the survey and shared common recruitment barriers they face while searching for right candidates. As per the survey result, listed below are the most common recruitment challenges:

–        Irrelevant candidate profile

–        Duplicate profile

–        Tedious recruitment process

–        Limited senior profiles with niche skills

–        Candidates with more than one offer at hand

barriers in recruitment - pinhopes India’s first video job application destination tackles most of these typical recruitment challenges through its feature rich portal.

Here is how Pinhopes tackles common hiring challenges:

–  To fulfill resource requirement, recruiters need to sift through thousands of irrelevant profiles in a huge database, to get few relevant ones. At Pinhopes, recruiters get applications directly from candidates who are actively looking for jobs. To ease the candidate search process further, our Intelligent Search Engine throws up the most relevant profiles at top listing.


–  Oftentimes hiring through the traditional HR portals leads to profile duplication. This is due to multiple recruiters from different consultancies approaching the same candidate’s profile for the same position. The solution to this is provided by Pinhopes as the candidates here apply for a job only when they are interested in the same, thereby eradicating profile duplication.


–   Unlike traditional online recruitment portals, recruiters using Pinhopes do not require to sift through hundreds of profiles to select the relevant ones, schedule an interview and decide on the venue for the interview, just to gauge whether a candidate is fit for the role. At Pinhopes, recruiters get applications directly from active candidates. Our innovative features like 5 min candidate’s video profile, also called unique self-promoting (USP) video and video interview, help recruiters easily connect with the right candidate for a job, thereby completing the entire hiring process 3x faster.


–   Senior professionals are very particular about their profile privacy. As a result they prefer a HR portal which can keep their personal information and job search activities private, along with the benefits of a traditional job portal. Pinhopes offers these senior professionals exactly what they expect from an online recruitment portal i.e. profile privacy, relevant jobs and freedom from unwanted recruiters/ promotional calls.

If your organization wants to tackle these typical online hiring challenges effectively and hire the best talent in industry then the new-age recruitment destination, is your answer.

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Running an organization successfully depends a lot on how happy and connected your employees are with your organization. Motivating your employees may look like a challenge at first but it is simple. To make your company a success, you need to make your employees feel spirited to come to work every day. Here are few tips that can help motivate your employees:

Great work environment

Try and create a great work environment that is fun, interesting, open, trusting and encourages a lot of innovative ideas and discussions among your employees.


Acknowledge good work in public

Acknowledge your employees’ good work or any major achievement in public e.g. monthly/quarterly meetings or staff meetings. This gives employees the feeling of being recognized for their hard work and motivates others in the team, to put in more efforts.

Say ‘Thank You’

When one of your employees does great work recognize their work by saying ‘Thank You’. Recognizing your employees’ hard work timely and with sincerity motivate employees morale in the workplace.

Involve employees

Make your employees, a part of decision making process e.g. when introducing a new employee related HR rules or ask for project related inputs. These help employees get involved and feel more connected with your organization.

Employee development program

Giving your employees the opportunity to learn new skills through training programs is a great way to help them climb up the corporate ladder. When your organization opens the door of learning that helps employees build their skill sets and increase their opportunities, they become far more loyal to your organization.

Communicate clearly

Communicating clearly with your employees is the key to build cohesion and long-term relationships in your organization. When you assign a task, make sure you communicate clearly what exactly you expect from your employee. Maintaining an open-door policy help employees communicate frankly with you. When employees are comfortable communicating with you, they tend to work better.

Reward your employees

Recognize your employees’ hard work with rewards in the form of small personalized gifts e.g. mug with the employee’s name and a short message, a bouquet with a personal note etc. When you recognize your employees’ hard work you inspire them and others to work better.


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