Running an organization successfully depends a lot on how happy and connected your employees are with your organization. Motivating your employees may look like a challenge at first but it is simple. To make your company a success, you need to make your employees feel spirited to come to work every day. Here are few tips that can help motivate your employees:

Great work environment

Try and create a great work environment that is fun, interesting, open, trusting and encourages a lot of innovative ideas and discussions among your employees.


Acknowledge good work in public

Acknowledge your employees’ good work or any major achievement in public e.g. monthly/quarterly meetings or staff meetings. This gives employees the feeling of being recognized for their hard work and motivates others in the team, to put in more efforts.

Say ‘Thank You’

When one of your employees does great work recognize their work by saying ‘Thank You’. Recognizing your employees’ hard work timely and with sincerity motivate employees morale in the workplace.

Involve employees

Make your employees, a part of decision making process e.g. when introducing a new employee related HR rules or ask for project related inputs. These help employees get involved and feel more connected with your organization.

Employee development program

Giving your employees the opportunity to learn new skills through training programs is a great way to help them climb up the corporate ladder. When your organization opens the door of learning that helps employees build their skill sets and increase their opportunities, they become far more loyal to your organization.

Communicate clearly

Communicating clearly with your employees is the key to build cohesion and long-term relationships in your organization. When you assign a task, make sure you communicate clearly what exactly you expect from your employee. Maintaining an open-door policy help employees communicate frankly with you. When employees are comfortable communicating with you, they tend to work better.

Reward your employees

Recognize your employees’ hard work with rewards in the form of small personalized gifts e.g. mug with the employee’s name and a short message, a bouquet with a personal note etc. When you recognize your employees’ hard work you inspire them and others to work better.