Employer BrandingEmployers have always been at war with each other to win over the most skilled talent. The competition has become even more intense after globalization. It is imperative that employers build, carry and maintain employee-friendly and positive reputation to attract the best workers. To remain visible and stay in job seekers’ mind, employers need newer branding avenues to broadcast their brand to a wider audience. Pinhopes, a new-age online recruitment portal helps employers increase their brand visibility before potential candidates:


Company Spotlight: It is a unique branding opportunity offered to employers for up to 30 days on Pinhopes homepage. Through this service, companies can post their ‘CXO’ level interview, answering on the organization’s future hiring plans, current market position, growth strategies and much more. This enables employers to remain visible and showcase their value proposition to potential job seekers.

Brand Card (Branding via Multiple Avenues): Pinhopes ‘Brand Card’ is an innovative service which allows companies to showcase their brand through marketing assets such as Brochures, Corporate Video, Presentation and Social Media Links. It gives organizations better visibility and helps job seekers get company information quickly without the need to look for information on other sites.

Employees are the most valuable assets of a company. Hiring and retaining highly skilled professionals that share the same values as your company are important for achieving greater organizational success. Pinhopes helps you to put across your brand message and values to a large pool of potential candidates via multiple branding avenues and help you attract the right candidates simply & swiftly.