Today employers face multiple challenges with traditional online hiring portals such as:

ü  Escalating cost of accessing candidates database which is largely unused

ü  Time-consuming candidate search and review process

ü  Hard to zero-in on the right resource

ü  Limited branding options

Needless to say, all the above factors slow hiring online which delays bringing candidates on-board. To help employers tackle these online recruitment problems, Pinhopes – a new-age online hiring destination, has introduced innovative profile filtering features, video based online hiring process, multiple branding avenues combined with cost-effective payment option. Here are the key differentiators which help employers hire 3x faster:

Get relevant applications from interested candidates – Every time

Unlike existing online recruitment portals Pinhopes doesn’t deal in database business which means employers are not required to search for right candidates, in a database which is largely unused. Instead employers get relevant applications directly from active job seekers for a job opening, without putting much effort.

No tedious candidate search process – Advanced built-in search bubbles best talents at top

On Pinhopes, employers are no longer required to go through time-consuming candidate search process rather they are approached by interested candidates. Pinhopes’ advanced built-in search throws the best profiles based on multiple parameters at top listing, which makes finding suitable candidate a lot more easier and quicker.

Video based online screening & interview – Enables you to zero-in on best talent quickly

Searching for the right talent requires employers to sort CVs, conduct telephonic rounds and schedule face-to-face interview. Even after going through all these filtering steps, they end up meeting a candidate who doesn’t exactly fit the specific role. To enable employers zero-in on the right talent in reduced time, Pinhopes has introduced 1 min USP video profile and video interview feature. The 1-min video profile gives employers the opportunity to gauge a candidate’s personality and soft skills match for a role. And the video interview feature helps employers to check a candidate’s skill set suitability for a job profile.

Promote your brand via multiple avenues and increase visibility


Employer branding is the crux of successful online hiring strategies. In a world where there is dearth and intense competition for highly-skilled candidates, companies need to stay visible to bring on-board the best candidates, before their competitors. With Pinhopes branding services, employers get multiple branding avenues – Brochures, Corporate Video, Presentations, Links, Press Releases, which help them to stay visible to a host of potential job seekers. One of our clients ‘Happiest Minds’ has utilized Pinhopes multi-branding services successfully and draws thousands of job seekers’ attention every day.

Pay Per Post Model – Cost-Effective & Flexible

Pinhopes believes in making online hiring cost-effective. With our tailor-made recruitment packages based on flexible pay per post model, organizations can bring down and manage recruitment costs.

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