Traditional job search method is tedious, time-consuming and obsolete, often delivering insignificant results. Existing online job portals requires you to fill long forms, search for suitable job postings in an irrelevant database, offers limited option to stand out, low privacy and lacks multiple job application option. Now with Pinhopes, you can search for jobs seamlessly on a simpler, swifter and secure online recruitment portal.

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Register within 30 Seconds – No More Long Forms to Fill:

Get registered within 30 seconds and minimize your efforts with our simplified registration process. Register with a resume in few simple steps, and you are ready to apply for jobs.

Relevant Job Search Results – Say Goodbye to Irrelevant Database:

Now you don’t have to spend inordinate amount of time searching for suitable jobs in an irrelevant database getting few relevant results. With our advanced filters and built-in search intelligence, you get only relevant to exact job search results. Thus, getting exactly what you have been looking for in less time and effort.

1-Min USP Video + LinkedIn Profile – Stop Counting on CV to Stand Out:

With increasing use of new media in recruitment, you need more than a resume to showcase your personal brand and stand out from your competitors. Regular CVs alone are not enough to convince potential employers why you should be chosen for a job. Let your 1-min unique self-promoting video and LinkedIn profile do the personal branding for you and help you get noticed by employers.

Apply Multiple Jobs at Once – Why Waste Time?:

Existing online hiring portals make applying multiple jobs a chore. With Pinhopes, you can favorite any number of jobs and apply together, saving time and efforts.

Secure and Complete Privacy:

Often online recruitment portals compromise candidates’ privacy by selling their details to third parties. Also candidate’s job search activities are not kept private from their current employer. At Pinhopes, we take privacy very seriously. We don’t share or sell your profile details to any third-party. With us your profile is completely secure and kept private from employers to whom you have not applied for a job.

Pinhopes has simplified job search efforts for candidates with innovative features, helping them to land their dream job faster.