In the month of May, 2014, a very interesting survey ‘Recruitment Barriers’ was conducted by and its findings indicate common hiring barriers faced by recruiters. A total of 272 recruiters all over India have taken up the survey and shared common recruitment barriers they face while searching for right candidates. As per the survey result, listed below are the most common recruitment challenges:

–        Irrelevant candidate profile

–        Duplicate profile

–        Tedious recruitment process

–        Limited senior profiles with niche skills

–        Candidates with more than one offer at hand

barriers in recruitment - pinhopes India’s first video job application destination tackles most of these typical recruitment challenges through its feature rich portal.

Here is how Pinhopes tackles common hiring challenges:

–  To fulfill resource requirement, recruiters need to sift through thousands of irrelevant profiles in a huge database, to get few relevant ones. At Pinhopes, recruiters get applications directly from candidates who are actively looking for jobs. To ease the candidate search process further, our Intelligent Search Engine throws up the most relevant profiles at top listing.


–  Oftentimes hiring through the traditional HR portals leads to profile duplication. This is due to multiple recruiters from different consultancies approaching the same candidate’s profile for the same position. The solution to this is provided by Pinhopes as the candidates here apply for a job only when they are interested in the same, thereby eradicating profile duplication.


–   Unlike traditional online recruitment portals, recruiters using Pinhopes do not require to sift through hundreds of profiles to select the relevant ones, schedule an interview and decide on the venue for the interview, just to gauge whether a candidate is fit for the role. At Pinhopes, recruiters get applications directly from active candidates. Our innovative features like 5 min candidate’s video profile, also called unique self-promoting (USP) video and video interview, help recruiters easily connect with the right candidate for a job, thereby completing the entire hiring process 3x faster.


–   Senior professionals are very particular about their profile privacy. As a result they prefer a HR portal which can keep their personal information and job search activities private, along with the benefits of a traditional job portal. Pinhopes offers these senior professionals exactly what they expect from an online recruitment portal i.e. profile privacy, relevant jobs and freedom from unwanted recruiters/ promotional calls.

If your organization wants to tackle these typical online hiring challenges effectively and hire the best talent in industry then the new-age recruitment destination, is your answer.