A cover letter gives you a chance to make a case for yourself, and cover everything you cannot express in your resume. It affords you an opportunity to come across as real people and explain your suitability for the desired position, to potential employers. Companies often look for thoughtfully written cover letters, as a method of screening applicants who lack the necessary skills or interest for the said position. Cover letter can thus form into a marketing vehicle for any prospective job seeker.

A modern day equivalent of a covering letter is the Video Application like the one found on Pinhopes! As a job seeker, you can highlight your strengths, make a case for yourself, and introduce yourself in person (almost). With a bit of thought, the video application could turn into a key differentiator, and draw the attention of the interviewer/hiring manager to your profile among the sea of resumes. Video Application could be one of the most beneficial features for a fresher who has no previous job experience to showcase their suitability for a job.

With the advent of new media technology, the traditional cover letter is losing some of its sheen. Employers are now looking for interactive and effective medium like video, to hire the best talent in reduced time, cost and effort. If you are ready to land your dream job, switch to video application and stand greater chances of getting noticed by potential employers.