PinhopesVideo interviews are becoming immensely popular in today’s workplace. Today, companies are increasingly catering to global clients with diverse resource requirements, therefore hiring via video interview online, is the need of the hour. Video interview expedites the online hiring process, saves time, reduces cost and enables meeting potential job seekers virtually. It also helps employers screen more candidates and zero-in on the best matched profiles faster from any location. Check how our new video questionnaire feature helps employers recruit the smarter way:

Consistency: Using video technology for interviewing candidates assists employers to set customized interview questions for specific job roles and levels within a time frame. A set of pre-determined script and format can get employers a great deal of consistency, as job seekers are asked the same set of questions.

Flexible & Saves Time: Video interviews give employers the flexibility to review, share and rate a candidate’s profile in real-time easily. It also helps them to interview a host of applicants online at a time, reducing time to meet each one of them in person.

Reduce Recruitment Cost: Time is money for HR departments. Through video interviews, employers can screen a pool of candidates within a short span of time. This new media recruitment technology is very useful, when the resource is staying in a different location. It can help employers reduce hiring cost by up to 50%.

Select Right Talents Faster: Video interview allows employers to gauge soft skills and personality of a candidate. It also helps employers pick the best suited candidates for an opening quickly.

Pinhopes believes in making online hiring process effective, economical, time-saving and result oriented. Our one-way video interview feature helps employers hire top talents online in a simple and swift manner.