pinhopes commercial launch

We’re Launching Pinhopes, the New-age Online Hiring Destination Today

Smartrplanet Services India Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of Pinhopes, a new-age recruitment platform that helps Job Seekers find their dream jobs and Employers hire top talents 3x times faster! With the aim to simplify online hiring process, Pinhopes comes with latest technology and innovative features to deliver quality and quick job or talent search experience to both job seekers and employers.

Job seekers are tired of applying jobs through the traditional online HR platforms which require filling long forms, searching for jobs in an irrelevant database, limited medium to put a spotlight on their CV and a chance to stand out from a crowd of applicants. Employers are equally frustrated spending huge amount of time & money to find the right talents and limited branding avenues.

To address these online hiring challenges, Pinhopes introduces – video technology, inbuilt search engine and integrated with social sites, to deliver quality job search and hiring experience.

Benefits for Job Seekers:

With features like advanced filters and unique card layout, job seekers can find relevant job results and view multiple jobs listing at a glance, saving a lot of time. Keeping up with changing user trends and marketplace demands, Pinhopes enables a job seeker to record and upload a 1 min unique self-promoting (USP) video application along with their CV and LinkedIn profile, to stand out and get an edge over other applicants, before a potential employer. Candidate lands a job 2x times faster on Pinhopes as compared to regular HR portals.

Advantages for Employers:

Through Pinhopes employers are now able to recruit 3x times faster. Our intelligent inbuilt search bubbles up best candidates at top listing based on multiple parameters, reducing time to sift through profiles for employers. With the introduction of 1 min USP video profile and video questionnaire, employers can review a candidate’s soft skills, matching skill sets and suitability for a job, before actually meeting in person. Video application and interview of candidates, enables employers to zero-in on the most suitable candidates for a job. At Pinhopes, employers get multiple avenues to showcase their brand which help them to attract best talents. Our ‘Pay as you Post’ model is cost driven, allowing you to pay only for the jobs which you have posted.

As per economic forecasts, the job market looks promising in the coming years and Pinhopes is all set to deliver a simple & swift online hiring experience.