Traditional online hiring methods are time-consuming which need employers to search for CVs, review profiles, shortlist and schedule an interview, taking up to 45-60 days to hire a new resource. Often times, the details in a CV and candidates whom the employers have interviewed on phone, don’t meet expectations when they meet them in person. As a result, employers end up failing to find the right talents. To solve these real-time recruiting challenges, Pinhopes has introduced a video based online hiring process which reduces time to recruit and help employers hire the right resource. Here are few advantages that Pinhopes’ video based hiring process offers to employers:


Video Based Profile Screening:

Pinhopes’ introduction of 1-min USP video profile option for candidates has helped employers screen a prospective employee’s soft skills and personality, at a quick glance. The 1-min video profile of the candidate can be shared securely with the hiring manager. It also gives employers the flexibility to review it anytime anywhere.


Video Interview:

Video Interview is a web based interview with customized questions and fixed time slot which allows employers to judge a candidate’s skill sets and suitability for a job profile. This enables an employer to review hundreds of profiles and assess the suitability of candidates for an opening and zero-in on the best talents quickly.


Video Application Saves Time, Money and Expands Reach:

Inclusion of video technology has reduced ‘Time to Recruit’ for employers by cutting time spent on scheduling, co-ordinating and organizing interview meetings. With video application, employers can reach out to a wider base of candidates across the country, without having to bear the expense/time.



Pinhopes has made online hiring more efficient, time-saving, cost-effective and less stressful for both, employers and job seekers. Now employers can invite a candidate for an interview if found suitable, after reviewing his/her video profile.