All jobs are important and contribute in its’ own way that help to build the society. Though there are few jobs that are universally more respected. And often these jobs are difficult and command respect for the altruistic efforts and the good effects they have on society. Here the list of five most respected jobs in the world:



The term ”Astronaut’ is derived from Greek words which means ‘space sailor’ and it is one of those lucrative jobs which have earned respect and awe from people around the world. These professionals are selfless public servants who work as explorers in highly risky conditions to benefit the human society. Astronauts are those intelligent, highly skilled and accomplished individuals who manage to deal with and solve difficult problems in harsh conditions (space).



Doctors have been one of the most sought after professions since ages. Majority of parents want their children to be in the prestigious medical profession. Whether consider it in terms of social standing or monetary compensation, ‘Doctors’ are at the top. They are talented and brilliant professionals who work relentlessly to keep people healthy and alive. There are even more critical sub-categories such as heart and brain surgeons who are often responsible for a person’s life or death.



Being a Pilot is amazing and comes with huge responsibilities at the same time. Imagine your smooth and comfortable air travel from one country to another, where you enjoy sipping a warm cup of coffee over 1000 feet above the ground. While your air travel was made comfortable, Pilots on the other hand are always at a constant threat of something going wrong which can be fatal. They work under constant stressful conditions to help you travel long distance within hours safely. To be a successful pilot, an individual needs patience, a calm demeanor along with intelligence.



One of the most respected jobs in any part of the world is that of a Judge. It is the Judge who interprets the law, accesses evidences and controls the entire proceedings in a courtroom. To be a Judge, the most critical criteria are the ability to make impartial judgment in the pursuit of truth. Decisions that a judge makes have the ability to forge a new path for the society and change the course of history.



Military personnel are the backbone of a country. No nation can have a peaceful, safe, controlled law and order situation without the help of military personnel. The military profession is beset with many challenges – operational, medical, ethical and bureaucratic. Willing to work as a military personnel demands courage, sound decision making ability, physical fitness and great intelligence.



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